5 Things You Need To Know About Rolex Watches

May 10, 2021

5 Things You Need To Know About Rolex Watches

What you need to know about a Rolex watch is that it’s more than just a watch. A Rolex is unlike anything of its kind on the market.

From superior timekeeping to waterproof cases, a Rolex is something special. These watches are carefully crafted with a superior attention to detail not found in many other watches.

A watch is an accessory everyone should have. Here’s everything you need to know about why a Rolex should be the next watch you purchase.



Not only do these luxury watches hold their value, most actually gain value over time.

This is especially true for vintage Rolexes, which were produced in limited quantities, making them extremely valuable to collectors and enthusiasts alike. The condition, model, and age of your watch will all have a large effect on its value.

While modern Rolex watches are more readily available than their vintage counterparts they still hold their value, making them a great investment.



Rolex has been around as a company since it was founded in London in 1905. It wasn’t until after World War I that Rolex would move its operations to its current home in Geneva, Switzerland.

The watchmaker has always been known for its innovative practices; Rolex created the first waterproof case, self-winding watch, and watch with a date.

Rolex watches were originally created as tool watches — watches meant to be used by professionals in different fields who needed precise timekeeping. But by the 1960s, the designs and innovations Rolex was making established them as a maker of luxury watches.



Throughout the years, Rolex has made plenty of classic watches. Here are a few of their most popular models.

rolex day date president model

Day-Date (The President)

This watch was one of the first luxury watches on the market to feature the day and date on the face of the watch. Its popularity surged among the rich and famous and it quickly became associated with foreign dignitaries and American Presidents alike. This led to its nickname: The President.

rolex air king


This watch was originally created to pay tribute to the British pilots of World War II (and an homage to the watchmakers roots in England). The Air-King has rarely had any changes made to its design — only recently did Rolex alter its size to make it larger.

 rolex submariner


The Submariner is the first watch that was recorded as being waterproof down to a depth of 100 meters. While most Submariners likely never reach that depth, their popularity certainly hasn’t sunk.

 rolex explorer II

Explorer II

The Explorer series of watches began with an intent to scale mountain peaks, but the Explorer II was an evolution that went another direction entirely — into the depths of caves. It features a 24-hour hand and bezel, which helps to keep any adventurer from getting disoriented by time in the dark.

 Rolex yacht master


The Yacht-master is one of the most adaptable of all Rolex watches. This popular watch was one of the first to come in three special sizes: 35mm, 40mm, and a ladies’ version. As a result, the Yacht-Master appealed to people with varying wrist sizes.



In a world where automation is the ideal and mass production is standard, Rolex chooses to do things the old-fashioned way: by hand.

Rolex takes craftsmanship seriously, and that means that every single watch that’s made goes through a meticulous assembly process. By creating their watches entirely by hand, the company can ensure that it meets their high standards.

Robots are involved in the process for parts of the tasks that aren’t well-suited to humans, but humans are always right there behind the robots making sure everything goes correctly.

In addition to assembling all of their watches in-house, Rolex craftsmen also assemble all of the movements for their watches.

Assembling the inner workings of a watch can be the most complicated and time-consuming part of creating a watch. That’s why Rolex takes it seriously.

The attention to detail and quality control are what make Rolex watches standout among their competitors.



When it comes to innovation, Rolex isn’t interested in trying to make revolutionary advances in the world of watches.

They’re not trying to beat their competitors with the world’s lightest watch or the world’s most powerful watch. Instead, the company focuses on evolving the way their watches already function and making them more practical and user-friendly.

Rolex has its own research lab which is constantly working to find ways to make their watches more durable, usable, and functional. Their focus is on the customer, not their competition.



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