August's Birthstone Peridot Is A Stunning Celebration of Summer

August 01, 2020

August's Birthstone Peridot Is A Stunning Celebration of Summer

 With hot days and cool nights, August marks the finale of summertime. The month’s birthstone peridot is a celebration of lush summer greenery before we head into the autumn months.


Peridot stones range from yellowish-green to deep green in color, and they are believed to represent nature and influence, and bring healing powers. Peridots are formed under extreme conditions They’re often found in hardened lava and in meteorites.


The lime green and dark, olive green-hued stones are the most valuable. Most peridots come from Arizona, Myanmar, Pakistan, or China.


Among gemstones, peridot is considered a more affordable stone, allowing buyers to purchase larger stones that can be set in eye-catching jewelry.


Peridots shine in rings, necklaces and earrings, and the green shades are a perfect complement to yellow gold or white gold settings. Some stunning choices are peridot and diamond stacking rings, or a pendant with a peridot set in small diamonds.


Peridot is a softer stone, so it is not recommended for everyday wear. Take care when cleaning your peridot jewelry and use a soft brush and mild dish soap.


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