Holiday Proposal Ideas To Add Extra Celebration To Your Engagement

October 22, 2020

Holiday Proposal Ideas To Add Extra Celebration To Your Engagement

The holiday season is a joyful time, and a marriage proposal can make it even more memorable.  Imagine your loved one’s surprise when she sits down to a Thanksgiving feast and finds a ring on her plate or discovers a small velvet box in her Christmas stocking.


Proposing anytime takes planning and careful execution and popping the question during the holidays ups the ante.


With any proposal, the most important ingredient is the ring.  Take some time and figure out what she will love. After all, an engagement ring is a testament to your commitment and something she will wear for a lifetime. If she has mentioned a favorite style before, you’re ahead of the game. If not, talk to her friends and family and get their input.


You can also sneak some pictures of her favorite jewelry. If you can figure out her ring size, that’s even better. (Here are some tips to help with that mission.) Have a custom creation mind? Our expert jewelry designers can craft the one-of-a-kind engagement ring of your dreams.


When you’re ready to start shopping, our sales professionals are here to help.  Bring your ideas into Peter Franklin, and our customer experience professionals will guide you through the process. We can help select a stunning engagement ring to fit her style and your budget.


Once you have the engagement ring, the fun really begins. It is time to plan your proposal. We’ve played a role in countless engagements, so we have some tips to make your holiday proposal one to remember. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are all popular times to pop the question. Here are some our favorite ideas by holiday:



With families and friends gathering for a long weekend or a feast, Thanksgiving is a great time to propose. You can make your proposal an intimate affair between just the two of you, or include your loved ones. Here are some possibilities:

  • Take advantage of late fall weather and go on a nature walk. Pop the question at a scenic spot.
  • If you’re visiting friends or family, wake up early and stage an intimate proposal over coffee in bed.
  • Sign up for a Turkey Trot and propose at the finish line.
  • Before the meal, suggest loved ones say what they’re thankful for and, when it is your turn, pop the question.
  • Make a surprise play during a post-meal football game and get down on one knee.

For maximum impact, you could make a toast during dinner and propose right in front of friends and family. With a Thanksgiving proposal, you’ll be able to celebrate with your loved ones, and, as you start your own family, the holiday will always hold an extra special meaning.



There’s probably no better Christmas gift to receive – or give – than an engagement ring. Christmas is a festive and celebratory time of year, and brings together friends and family from near and far. Just like Thanksgiving, a Christmas proposal gives you the chance to celebrate your joyous news with your loved ones. It also makes for a memorable holiday. Christmas offers so many ways to surprise your partner.

  • Tuck it into an ornament and, when you’re trimming the tree, hand it to her to hang on the tree.
  • Place the velvet box in her stocking.
  • Pin it to an ugly sweater that you give to her to wear on Christmas morning.
  • While you’re out enjoying the neighborhood Christmas lights, drop down on one knee and propose.
  • Have carolers come and serenade her with a proposal.
  • Attach it to your Elf on the Shelf and ask her to find it.
  • Leave the ring on a Santa’s plate with milk and cookies.
  • Hide the ring box in a series of larger boxes that she opens one at a time.


New Year

The new year is a perfect time to start a new chapter in your relationship. A New Year’s proposal is romantic and symbolic. You can propose at the stroke of midnight, offering her a kiss and a ring, or when you wake up on January 1st.  Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Share your New Year’s resolutions and offer a proposal as your resolution.
  • At the stroke of midnight, give her a kiss—and an engagement ring.
  • Plan a New Year’s party with friends and family and propose in front of your loved ones. 

Whatever your holiday proposal plans, you’ll need the perfect engagement ring. At Peter Franklin, our customer experience professionals can help you select the ideal ring to match her style and your budget.


As northeast Indiana’s benchmark jeweler, we carry a wide-array of hand-selected, top-quality diamonds, and pair them in settings from the latest trends to classic looks. Visit our  locations in Fort Wayne, Angola, or New Haven, or browse our selection online. We look forward to helping make your holiday proposal memorable and successful.