How to Clean and Care for Your Jewelry

June 16, 2020

How to Clean and Care for Your Jewelry

With proper care, your prized pieces of jewelry can stay looking as good new. Just like you tend to your home or garden, your rings, bracelets and necklaces require upkeep, including regular cleaning and maintenance.

Many people, however, enjoying wearing their baubles but forget to care for them. At Peter Franklin Jewelry, we like to remind our customers that with a little work, your jewelry will last longer, sparkle more and wear better.

But how do you know what your jewelry needs? Our customer experience professionals offer these suggestions: 

Understand your jewelry

Not all stones or metals are created the same, and there is no one universal way to clean your jewelry. When you purchase or receive a piece, make sure you ask for instructions on how to care for the item. Some gemstones and metals can be cleaned with regular household items, while others require professional cleaning or a simple buffing. If you aren’t sure, contact our customer experience professionals for instructions. 

Regular cleaning

Once you understand how to care for your jewelry items, establish a cleaning routine. Once a month is a great place to start. You should always store your jewelry in individual containers or pouches to prevent scratching, and to keep items dry and clean. From there, how you clean depends on what you’re cleaning.

  • Most colored gemstones and diamonds, as well as gold and platinum, can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Mix the water and soap in a small bowl and soak items for 10 to 20 minutes. Use the toothbrush to gently agitate and remove dirt. Then rinse and dry your piece with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can use another dry cloth to buff your jewelry. 
  • Silver jewelry should be cleaned with silver polish and a microfiber cloth.
  • For pearls, use only a dry, lint-free cloth or seek professional cleaning. 
  • Some stones, such as turquoise, are porous and should not be cleaned with water or any cleaning solution, but rather buffed with a dry cloth. Other stones, including labradorite and amber, can be cleaned with water, but you should avoid any soaps. 
  • Remember, when you purchase any piece or receive a gift, it is always a good idea to ask for cleaning instructions to ensure you do not damage your jewelry.

Routine check-ups 

To keep your jewelry as good as new, it is a good idea to practice preventative maintenance. If you’re regularly cleaning your pieces at home, you’re off to a good start. It is also a smart idea to take a good look and check for loose stones, cracked stones, chipped edges, scuffs or scratches.

Turn to the experts

While you can safely clean most jewelry at home, a professional cleaning can make your items truly sparkle. Many customers like to bring in their jewelry, including diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets, for occasional professional cleaning. Your anniversary can be an excellent time to bring in an engagement ring and wedding band for professional cleaning. 

If you notice a scratch, loose stones or anything that needs fixing, you can bring your jewelry into any of our three Northeast Indiana Peter Franklin Jewelry locations in New Haven, Angola and Fort Wayne. We have decades of experience repairing and restoring jewelry. Our highly trained staff will examine your item and suggest ways to remedy the problem.  If you’ve lost a stone (we know, it happens), our sales professionals can help you find a replacement, and then our skilled jewelers will repair your piece to look as good as new. 

By providing your jewelry with regular “TLC”, you can make sure your beloved pieces continue to stay beautiful for years to come.