How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

October 13, 2020

How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

When it comes to buying a ring for a special someone, there’s one tricky detail: How do you know the correct size? Along with stones and settings, the ideal size is a key detail. Of course, ring size can be adjusted, but most people want to get their partner’s size right the first time so they can wear the ring right away. 


At Peter Franklin, we have some tricks of the trade to help you stealthily figure out your partner’s ring size without them suspecting a thing.  


First, let us explain the basics about fittings. Ring are measured by the circumference of a finger in millimeters. That measurement converts to half-sizes, with 3 usually the smallest and 14.5 typically the largest. Ring fingers (the fourth finger) tend to be slimmer than middle or index fingers, and pinkies are the smallest.


Of course, if you need a very specific size, our expert jewelry designers can make custom rings to fit any finger.


Borrow a ring

One foolproof way to find out the ring size correct is to borrow a ring that your loved one wears regularly. Bring it to Peter Franklin to be measured and then return it exactly where you found it. However, be careful with this method. Make sure you take a ring that they wear on the correct hand and finger, as ring sizes vary by both. Also, make sure they don’t notice that it is missing, or that will ruin the surprise.


Bring out the string

If you’re worried your loved one will notice if their ring goes missing, we have another idea for you. Using a piece of string, you can measure the size of a ring they wear regularly. Once again, make sure you have the right hand and finger. Here are the steps:

  • Take a piece of string and wrap it around the circumference of the ring
  • Use a marker or pen to note the point where the string meets
  • Straighten out the string and use a ruler to measure it in millimeters

With this information, your jeweler can tell you what size ring you’ll want to purchase. And your loved one won’t be the wiser!


Try your hand at tracing

If you don’t feel confident with the string method, you can also try your hand at drawing the ring size. To do this, once again take a ring that mirrors where they’ll wear the new ring and place it on a piece of paper. Using a pen or pencil, trace the inner and outer circles of the ring. Bring the drawing with you to the jeweler, and they’ll help you figure out the proper ring size. A word of caution: This method is not quite as accurate as the others, so make sure you trace as carefully as possible.


Recruit some help

Another way to get the skinny on ring size is to enlist the help of a friend or loved one. Perhaps a best friend or sister could “borrow” a piece, or sneak into their jewelry box and try rings on for size. Maybe they can casually inquire about sizing, and then report back to you. While they’re talking jewelry, they could ask about styles and settings, and give you useful intelligence on what they might love.


Go ahead and ask 

While it might spoil the surprise, you could always ask for their ring size. Then you’ll know for sure you’ll be buying the perfect fit. They’ll know you’re ring shopping, but you can still keep the gemstones and setting a secret.  


We know that you want to get the sizing right, but if you get the size wrong, our customer experience professionals at Peter Franklin are here to help. As Northeast Indiana’s finest jeweler, we are here to help. When a ring is too big, we can add a small guard or rework the band to make it smaller. If it is too tight, our expert jewelers can add more material to lengthen the band.


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