How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

May 13, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you’re ready to pop the big question, you want to give your future partner the perfect ring. Engagement rings signify a commitment to each other and the life you’ll build together. This is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so you want it to be perfect. 

Between different stones, styles, and settings, where do you begin? The choices can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. At Peter Franklin Jewelers, we’re here to help. Our customer experience professionals are engagement ring specialists, and we can teach you everything you need to know about engagement rings, bridal sets, and wedding bands, and help you pick the perfect baubles. 

Here are key steps to choosing an engagement ring and bridal set:


Make a budget

With Peter Franklin's zero-percent financing and huge selection, there are options for nearly every budget. You can buy a traditional diamond or opt for a more unusual — and sometimes more economical — gem like an emerald or sapphire. With diamonds, the size, cut, hue, and clarity of the stone impact the pricing. The setting and metal (platinum, gold or silver) will also influence the cost.


Learn the 4Cs

This is where our Peter Franklin diamond experts can offer guidance. Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, so we’re going to focus our attention there. These most precious stones are all about the “4 Cs”: carat, color, cut, and clarity.  

Carat:Another word for weight, carat describes the stone’s weight. A carat equals 200 milligrams. The heavier a diamond, the more expensive it typically will be. That’s because large diamonds are rarer and in higher demand. 

Color:While the most perfect diamonds are colorless, there's a wide range of diamond hues. The color is determined by the stone’s chemical composition and structure. The most expensive diamonds are totally colorless, while the least expensive have a yellow hue. In between, there is a range of shades at varying price points.

Cut:Diamonds can be cut into a variety of shapes and some of the most popular are round, oval and pear. Some other gorgeous options are cushion cut, which is a square with rounded corners, and where an octagonal diamond has a square shape and layered facets. The princess cut is highly desirable, featuring an upside-down pyramid cut in a rectangle shape.

Clarity:The brilliance of a diamond also determines its value. Since diamonds are naturally occurring, there are often blemishes and variations in their appearance which makes every diamond unique. 


Consult with the Experts

It helps to have an expert at your side. At our three Peter Franklin locations, our customer experience professionals want to hear all about your fiance's style and taste. 

Then the fun begins! We can show you the options from some of the finest jewelers in the industry, including our own custom creations. And don't forget, we offer zero-percent financing!

At our three locations in New Haven, Fort Wayne and Angola, and on our website, you can browse our wide selection of engagement rings and bridal sets. We have a wide array of stones, settings, and metal, including platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. We carry rings from some of the industry’s leading designers, including Gabriel & Co., Simon G and Bellissima. 

Engagement and marriage are two of the biggest life events, and they should be commemorated and celebrated. There’s no better way to mark these occasions than with gorgeous rings from Peter Franklin Jewelers. Visit our stores or contact us online via our chat and see how we can help create jewelry that you’ll both admire and enjoy for a lifetime.