How to Pick the Perfect Women’s Watch

December 14, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Women’s Watch

Even in a world where smartphones and Alexa help us stay on top of things, a watch is still an essential item. Of course, watches help keep track of time, but they’re also classic, stylish, and practical pieces of jewelry. That unique combination of function and style makes a watch (or two or three) a must-have for every woman.


When it comes to watches for women, there are also many types of time pieces, from trendy to more traditional, classy to contemporary. At Peter Franklin Jewelers, we have decades of experience helping women — and the people that love them — select the perfect watch.


To find the perfect watch, here are a few important considerations: 


Style and activities

Watches really do come in all shapes and sizes. So, the first question we ask is: “How will she wear the watch?” For an active lifestyle, when a watch will get a lot of wear and tear, a sporty model with a durable band and face are essential. For everyday wear, a more refined look, but still a sturdy model, can be a great choice. Finally, if the watch is for nights out and special occasions, a sleek and fancier piece is appropriate.


Size of the watch

Women’s watches are traditionally smaller than men’s models, with thinner bands and slimmed down faces. Some ladies are most comfortable in a women’s time piece, while others prefer the chunkier bands and larger faces of men’s models. With either, it’s important to think about the size of the wearer’s wrist and if the watch can accommodate it. Strap bands will allow more flexibility, and you might be able to add extra holes. Most metal bracelet bands can also be customized by taking out links, and our jewelers can help you with that. Another consideration: Since men’s watch faces are larger, it can be easier to read the time and date on the faces.


Materials and function

When it comes to materials, watch shoppers have more choices than ever. You can choose stainless steel, rose gold, or a gold for the bezel, face and band. A substantial bezel protects the watch face and can withstand more bumps and bruises. Most watches are sealed tightly and are water resistant, allowing you to wash dishes and take a shower without damaging the piece.  For swimmers, some can be submerged for long periods of time.


Also, some watches need batteries to run, while others are kinetic, or powered by body heat, and work automatically when they’re being worn. With a kinetic watch, you never have to worry about the battery dying. However, if you take it off for some time, you may to reset the watch when you do put it back on. 


Type of strap or bracelet

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion here. Watch bands typically come in metal bracelet styles, or fabric or leather bands.


Some folks are devoted to metal bands, and find them more comfortable and durable than their fabric and leather counterparts. Metal bands typically use a “deployant” clasp, which unfolds into two or three sections, stays connected to the band on both sides, creating the bracelet. While these bands and clasps are sturdy, the size can’t be adjusted unless you have a jeweler remove links. 


In contrast, fabric and leather brands allow wearers to fit the watch to their wrists. Most fabric and leather bands connect like a belt buckle, with a “Tang buckle” that you feed the strap through, select a hole in the strap, and secure with a pin. Some people struggle to buckle this style on their own, and straps can fade or crack over time.


Finally, sport watches may come with a fabric strap and Velcro closure. These watches can be quickly and easily adjusted and fixed, making them a great option for older adults or children. 


Style of the face

Just when you thought you’d figured out the options, you still need to think about the face of the watch. The face’s background color is an important feature because it both conveys style and can make a watch easier or more difficult to read. White and silver are the most common face colors. Dress watches might have a pearlized or black face, while sportier watches could have red or blue backgrounds.


When it comes to numbers, some watches have 12 digits like clock, while others feature Roman numerals. Digital models display four numbers and usually indicate whether it is AM and PM. Another popular style are chronographic watches, which feature up to three additional dials displaying seconds passing in a minute, minutes in an hour and other timing. If you like knowing the date, choose a style that displays the day of the month. Finally, for a clean look, there are some watches that don’t have any numbers at all.


Let Peter Franklin Jewelers help you select the perfect women’s watch

At Peter Franklin, our customer experience professionals know all the right questions to ask to help you pick out the perfect women’s watch. We offer a wide selection of Citizen’s watches, as well as a carefully curated line of certified pre-owned Rolex watches. Visit our three northeast Indiana locations in Angola, New Haven, and Fort Wayne, or browse our selection online. We can’t wait to help you choose a women’s watch that can be enjoyed now and for many years to come.