How To Turn Old Jewelry Into New Pieces Or Cash

September 22, 2020

How To Turn Old Jewelry Into New Pieces Or Cash

If you have old jewelry at home, don’t let it sit in a box collecting dust. Put those items to work for you! With a little help, you can transform old jewelry into new pieces or sell your old jewelry for cash.


At Peter Franklin, we are experts at creating custom jewelry, and we specialize in buying pre-owned jewelry and gold. We understand that tastes and lifestyles change, and sometimes you stop wearing pieces. Those old rings, necklaces and bracelets can be a ticket to something new and exciting.


Our expert jewelry designers can take gold, diamonds and gemstones from old jewelry and repurpose them to create the custom pieces of your dreams. If you’d prefer a little extra cash in your wallet, we buy pre-owned jewelry with our trademark stress-free, honest process. 


To help you decide which choice is right for you, let’s walk through the options: 


Selling your jewelry


Maybe you received jewelry as gift, but it isn’t your style, or you have old items that don’t fit your current lifestyle or look. Over time, you probably stashed that cast-off jewelry in boxes or drawers, where they’re neglected and forgotten. Now’s the time pull them out and make some money!


Bring your fine jewelry into Peter Franklin and let our customer experience professionals help. We have decades of experience buying jewelry, and we are proud to offer an honest and transparent process. We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, watches, and more. We will examine your items and offer a fair market price. We don’t sell on consignment, meaning you don’t have to wait for items to resell to collect. If you accept our proposal, you’ll walk out with cash, check or store credit. Not bad for old things that were laying around your house!


Create custom jewelry


At Peter Franklin, we can help you transform tired jewelry into brand-new, custom creations. Our expert team can refashion old jewelry into the one-of-a-kind item of your dreams. Senior designer Dave Konkle has created more than 2,500 custom pieces, and we’ve invested in the latest training and technology.


We can make almost anything you can dream up. When it comes to custom jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands are the most popular custom items. We’ve also created everything from custom belt buckles to pendants with a child’s handprint to rings for sports champions. 


To start the process, you’ll bring in the old jewelry and work with our customer experience professionals to assess how they can be reused. We can melt down old gold, and harvest diamonds and gemstones from almost any setting.


After that, the fun begins. You’ll work with our experts to design a tailormade piece, such as earrings, rings or pendants. We’ll ask about your favorite looks, lifestyle and budget. If you have any photos or drawings for inspiration, you should share them with our team. If you need to add any stones, we can help select the diamonds or precious gems from our collection.


Once we understand your vision, we create a rendering and then a model. Once we have your approval, we get to work creating the piece. When the process is complete, you’ll have a brand-new piece of jewelry with a connection to its former life.


Whether you decide to sell your jewelry or repurpose it for a new creation, you should let your old items go to work for you! Take some time and go through your jewelry box, shoe boxes and drawers and see what treasures they find. Then visit one of our three NE Indiana locations in Angola, New Haven or Fort Wayne, and learn how we can help transform those pieces into cash or custom jewelry.