June Birthdays Enjoy Three Different Birthstones

June 01, 2020

June Birthdays Enjoy Three Different Birthstones

June is officially the first month of summer and many people’s favorite time of the year, so it is fitting that it has not one, but three official birthstones. Pearl, alexandrite and moonstone are the birthstones for June, offering a variety of colors and styles for June birthstone jewelry.

So how do you choose between these three gorgeous June birthstones? It may help to learn a bit about the history of the three gems and all of the ways they can be featured in jewelry. 


As one of the most classic and versatile stones in existence, pearls have been revered for centuries for their milky color and variety of shapes and sizes. Pearls can be found in oceans, rivers and lakes, and are often accompanied by a story about their origins. There are two types of pearls, natural and manmade. Natural pearls occur inside freshwater or saltwater oysters or clams, while manmade, or cultured pearls, are raised in farms where oysters and clams are bred to produce pearls. While naturally occurring, pearls come in various shapes and sizes. Cultured pearls are curated to be particular sizes, shapes and colors, including white, pink, gray, black and brown.

Long associated with purity, prosperity and beauty, pearl jewelry makes a wonderful choice for a June birthstone gift, as well as communions, graduations, wedding gifts and anniversaries. For earrings, pearls can be fashioned as stud earrings or as the featured stone in a drop earring setting. A pearl necklace is a classic gift that will never go out of style. For an unexpected twist, consider giving your favorite June birthday a pearl bracelet or ring.


Named for Russian royal Alexander II, this gem comes from the Ural Mountains of Russia. In natural light, alexandrite is a lush green color. It changes color in other lights, such as purple in incandescent light. Alexandrite is a strong stone, making it an ideal choice for rings or other everyday pieces. For June birthdays, alexandrite is an unexpected and eye-catching choice for rings, earrings or a pendant.


With their trademark blue-green appearance, moonstones are a favorite for rings and pendants. When held up to light, they can take on a blue-gray hue, similar to the moon. The gem is believed to bring good luck, love and fertility to those who wear it.

Moonstones can be found in the U.S., as well as South America and Africa. While these stones are a beautiful and affordable option for June birthstone jewelry, they must be handled with care. Moonstones are a softer stone that may crack when exposed to high heat. 

June birthstone jewelry

With these three stunning gems to choose from, June birthstone jewelry offers many options. At Peter Franklin Jewelers, we specialize in pearl jewelry. Our customer experience professionals can help you select the perfect pearl ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace for your June birthstone gift. If you’d like something a little more unusual, a moonstone or alexandrite birthstone will be an unique twist on June birthstone jewelry.

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