Celebrate May Birthdays With Emeralds

May 01, 2020

Celebrate May Birthdays With Emeralds

May brings green grass, budding trees and blooming flowers. Nothing says spring better than the emeralds, which are May’s official birthstone. Emeralds signify rebirth, renewal, and youth, and are believed to bring good fortune. There’s no better way to celebrate a loved one born in May than gifting an emerald birthstone that represents the season’s beauty. 

For centuries, emeralds have been revered for their rich green hues and are often worn by royalty. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and pharaohs are said to have prized emeralds, while South America’s Inca emperors and European royals displayed emeralds in their crowns. These devotees believed precious emeralds offered restorative properties and symbolized fresh beginnings.

Today, most emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and Africa, and the most prized colors are bluish green to pure green. Emeralds are strong stones, but also require careful handling. They’re are sensitive to extreme heat and owners should avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaners.

To honor May birthdays, emerald birthstones make stunning centerpieces for rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants. At Peter Franklin Jewelers, our customer experience specialists can help you select the perfect emerald birthstone jewelry.  A large emerald can the star of a ring, or a cluster of smaller emeralds can be an accent for a center stone, such as a diamond. For an unusual take on a wedding band, an eternity band of emeralds is an unexpected way to celebrate a birthday and a relationship.

For earrings, solitaire emeralds are a timeless choice, while emerald hoops showcase the green gem’s facets and brilliance. To honor special occasions, drop earrings with emeralds and diamonds make a statement. 

Prefer a necklace? There are endless ways to include May’s birthstone in a gorgeous setting, including pendants that showcase a single precious stone or designs that mix emeralds in intricate gold and silver settings. For a perfect pairing, consider a piece that includes emeralds and diamonds. 

One of the most popular ways to fashion emeralds is to cut the stone into a long rectangular shape that highlights its rich color and facets, as seen in the ring above. In fact, this is such a popular design that it inspired the “Emerald cut” used on diamonds and other precious stones. Emeralds are equally gorgeous when fashioned into square, round, teardrop and oval cuts.

Emeralds can be enjoyed as everyday jewelry, but are also precious enough to reserve for the most special occasions.  Emeralds are revered as symbols of loyalty and affection, and we couldn’t agree more. Emerald jewelry makes the perfect gift for your loved one with a May birthday.  

At our three Northern Indiana Peter Franklin Jeweler locations in Fort Wayne, New Haven, and Angola, our experienced sales professionals can help you select the perfect piece crafted by our exclusive partners or design a custom piece of your own creation. Shop online or browse our website for inspiration and experience the Peter Franklin difference.