Necklaces 101: What To Know About Sizing And Layering

February 23, 2021

Necklaces 101: What To Know About Sizing And Layering

The idea of layering a necklace seems simple enough. But when put into practice, well, the results can sometimes be a bit of a mess.

From tangled chains to cluttered chaos around your neck, you may feel like you just can’t get necklace layering right.

The good news is that, with a little guidance from the experts here at Peter Franklin Jewelers, you can quickly become a pro when it comes to sizing and layering your necklaces.

Check out these simple tips about what you need to know about sizing and layering necklaces and you’ll be able to accent your outfits easily.


The type of neckline cut on your outfit will help you figure out the best way to begin layering a necklace to match.

If you’re wearing a T-shirt or a shirt with a higher neckline, your first necklace can hang lower below your neckline.

If you’re wearing something with a lower cut neckline like a v-neck shirt or scoop neck tee, you want to start with a shorter necklace, like a 14” or 16” choker or dainty necklace.


When planning out how to layer your necklaces, you want to think of your collarbone as the starting point; it will be the feature you’re highlighting as you layer necklaces in.

Having several necklace choices in the range of 16” to 18” in length will give you a lot of options to layer other necklaces in as you expand your wardrobe; find necklaces in varying widths and designs to give yourself more options for layering.


It’s okay to have a favorite necklace. Really.

Begin planning your necklace layering with a favorite charm or pendant piece you own. It’s likely this will be a necklace around 16” to 18”, one that would be able to stand on its own without layering.

You can layer around your favorite necklace and create themes with subtle additions of other necklaces that have similar features.


Your necklaces should increase in thickness the longer they become, as a general rule.

Varying thicknesses adds visual appeal and contrast, and it also helps prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled in one another by the end of the day.


Try to practice the rule of three when layering your necklaces — start with three necklaces and stick to odd numbers if possible. Keep two inches between your necklaces as you layer them if you can.

If you start adding too many necklaces it will start to detract from your overall look and will become busy.

If you have too few necklaces that don’t contrast, you might as well just be wearing one necklace.


If you’re just starting out learning how to layer necklaces, you may want to stick to a unified metal.

It simplifies the process of matching and creating themes.

As you get more accustomed to layering your necklaces, don’t be afraid to branch out and mix and match metal types and textures.


Rules are meant to be broken.

We’ve given you the basics to get you started becoming a necklace layering pro, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all of these things all the time.

Once you master the fundamentals, start breaking the mold and have fun with your layering; mix and match different necklaces, try playing around with styles or change up your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try out new ways of layering that fit your personality and style!

If you’re looking for new necklaces to try layering with, stop in to one of our locations in  New Haven, Fort Wayne and Angola. You can browse our selection of necklaces. Our customer experience professionals will be happy to help you choose a variety of necklaces that you can layer together.