Promise Rings Let Young People Show Commitment

July 27, 2020

Promise Rings Let Young People Show Commitment

When you’re in a committed relationship, giving the gift of jewelry is an expression of your devotion.  For young people, a promise ring is a way to show your commitment to someone and symbolizes that you’re in an exclusive relationship.

A promise ring is a sign that you want to build a future together. It is a step to take before engagement, and makes a statement if you’re not ready to get married. You might still be in school, be too young for marriage, or need more time to establish your career. If that’s the case, a promise ring is a step on your future path together. 

But how do you choose a promise ring? The fun part is there are no rules. Promise rings are different from engagement rings in both style and tradition. While engagement rings typically showcase diamonds set in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, a promise ring can be just about anything. A solitaire diamond is a classic choice, but a small cluster of diamonds is also beautiful and more cost-effective. Some promise rings feature gemstones, the recipient’s birthstone, or no stones at all. The ring can be set in any metal, including silver, yellow gold or even rose gold.

Another important consideration is how promise rings are worn. Women typically wear engagement rings on the ring finger of their left hand. There are no rules about where – or how – you wear a promise ring. Some people put them on their middle fingers or on their right hand. You could even weave it onto a necklace and wear it as a pendant.  In fact, to avoid any confusion, it may be a good idea not to wear it on the finger usually reserved for an engagement ring. 

Also, there’s no rule about who gives the promise ring. To show her affection and commitment, a woman can buy a ring for her boyfriend to wear. That could be a solid band, a pattern of metals, or even feature a stone. Couples can exchange promise rings as a mutual display of their love for each other.

For young couples, a promise ring represents love and a plan to build a future together. You’re promising to commit to each other. And, when you’re ready, that can evolve into engagement and eventually marriage. Then there are countless options for gorgeous new jewelry that comes along with those new phases. 

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