Rubies Shine for July Birthdays

July 06, 2020

Rubies Shine for July Birthdays

Born at the peak of summer, people celebrating July birthdays have a beautiful birthstone that matches this warm, bountiful season. Rubies are one of the brightest and most beautiful birthstones. With their rich red hues, rubies are reminiscent of a gorgeous summer sky and the setting sun.

Among birthstones, ruby is one of the most valuable and rare gems. It represents honor, wisdom and honesty, which makes for a sentimental birthday gift. Rubies are believed to bring good luck to the people who wear them.

A little-known fact about rubies is they are actually part of the sapphire family. Most people think of sapphires as being blue, but rubies are red sapphires that get their color from chromium. Rubies are typically found in Southeast Asia and range in hue from pink to deep red to brownish-red.

Like diamonds, rubies are an extremely durable stone, which makes them a popular choice for everyday jewelry. They are easily cleaned by mixing mild dish soap and water and gently scrubbing with a toothbrush.

Rubies also make a sentimental gift for the mother of a July baby or to celebrate a big anniversary. In fact, rubies are the official gemstone for 15th and 40th anniversaries.

At Peter Franklin Jewelers, rubies are one of our most popular gemstones. Red rubies pair beautifully with a variety of metals, including yellow and rose gold. They shine brightly on their own or paired with other stones, particularly diamonds.

Our customer experience professionals can help you select the perfect ruby for your special someone. If your July birthday loves earrings, rubies sparkle in a silver setting or as simple studs. For a modern twist on a ruby ring, consider a solitaire ruby set in rose gold, or a stackable wedding band that features smaller rubies paired with diamonds.  A round or tear-drop shape ruby pendant creates an eye-catching necklace. The options are limitless!

To see our entire collection of ruby birthstone jewelry, visit one of our showrooms in Fort Wayne, Angola or New Haven, or browse our website,