Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men And Women

February 04, 2021

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Your wedding anniversary is a special time to reaffirm your love and commitment to your partner.

When picking out a present for them, you want to choose a unique anniversary gift that’s as individual as they are.

If you’re not sure how to express your feelings of love and adoration for your significant other on your anniversary, let our experts at Peter Franklin Jewelers guide you to a gift as one-of-a-kind as your spouse.


For Him or Her

A wristwatch makes a fashion statement, but it also shows that the wearer is dependable, punctual, and is respectful of the time of others. When shopping for watches, look at the type of movement, the case material, the case size, the crystal, the band, and the clasp.

In the world of watches, it’s difficult to get more reliable or fashionable than a Rolex. Visit our stores and browse our selection of certified pre-owned Rolex watches.


For Him or Her

Engraving a piece of jewelry with a special message or a special date is a romantic way to personalize an anniversary gift.

Matching pieces of jewelry is a great way to share a connection through your gift. The piece doesn’t need to be an exact match in style, it could be something as simple as matching engravings. Talk with your partner ahead of time and come to an agreement on matching pieces; not every gift needs to be a surprise.

If you’re extra creative, you can design a piece specifically for your loved one. Whether you want to design the piece yourself or discuss it with our talented staff and have them come up with a design for you, we can help make a unique gift just for you.


For Him

Neck jewelry specifically for men is coming into fashion more and more in the modern age. Gone are the days of enormous, over-the-top necklaces. Instead, most men are opting for a subtle approach with a simple chain and pendant.

Chains come in many styles, materials, and lengths, so there’s sure to be one that fits his personality. When shopping for chains, consider his overall style. Ask yourself (or better yet, ask him): “How striking should the chain be?”


For Her

Whether it’s your 1st anniversary or your 50th, you can’t go wrong with a necklace. With endless combinations of styles, materials, lengths, and thicknesses, your gift is sure to be as unique as your love.

If she likes to layer her necklaces, you can opt for a length around 16” or 18” with a special pendant, such as her birthstone or a milestone gem. This can quickly turn an anniversary necklace into one she wears every day.


For Him

Cufflinks aren’t an everyday wear for most men, rather they’re a perfect fit for special occasions.

Pick out a pair with a material that will fit his style and personality. You can make it even more unique by engraving something special on them, or by adding a milestone or birthstone gem to them.


For Him and Her

If your partner loves rings, your anniversary is a great time to consider giving them a special ring.

Consider a set of stacking rings for her, which she can add to throughout the year or which she can combine with other rings.

When choosing for him, find a ring that will fit his personality and style so he can accessorize it with his daily outfits.


For Her

Earrings are a wardrobe essential.

From hoops, to studs, solitaires, and drops, there are an infinite number of possibilities to create a unique anniversary gift for her.

Pair these with an anniversary milestone gem or a birthstone for an added layer of meaning.


There’s no better gift than one that comes from the heart. Whether your significant other enjoys watches, necklaces, or rings, we’ve got you covered at Peter Franklin Jewelers.

Personalize your anniversary gift with a matching engraving, or design your own special piece of jewelry just for your partner.

At Peter Franklin Jewelers, our customer experience professionals are experts at helping our clients select the perfect anniversary jewelry to celebrate their biggest occasions. Visit our three northeast Indiana locations in Angola, New Haven and Fort Wayne, or browse our website.