Why We Love Gabriel & Co. Jewelry (And So Will You)

September 15, 2020

Why We Love Gabriel & Co. Jewelry (And So Will You)

From exquisite engagement rings to spectacular wedding bands, Gabriel & Co. creates some of the finest jewelry on the market. Their designs feature the latest trends, their craftsmanship is unrivaled, and they use only the highest-quality stones, gold, and platinum available. Simply put, Gabriel & Co. sets a standard that other jewelry companies seek to follow.


At Peter Franklin, Gabriel & Co. is one of our best-selling brands and it is easy to understand why. The company has 30 years of experience designing and producing fine jewelry. For four years running, jewelry retailers nationwide have voted it their top-selling brand.


When you’re shopping for bridal rings, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide between styles, let alone brands. At Peter Franklin, we work with select jewelers to bring you both the newest fashions and timeless classics. We only carry pieces produced by jewelers with the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship, and Gabriel & Co. fulfills all of those requirements.


If you’re in the market for a Gabriel & Co. engagement ring or wedding band, we have an incredible selection of their fine creations.


Stylish Engagement Rings, Superior Craftsmanship


When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, it may be the most important purchase you’ve ever made. There are a dizzying amount of options and you want to find the perfect ring. Luckily, Gabriel & Co. is a leader in style, artistry and selection.


There really is something for everyone. Gabriel & Co. prides itself on designing hundreds of styles to appeal to a wide range of consumers.  Their engagement rings are available in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, and platinum. They fashion a wide array of settings, from a dazzling solitaire center diamond stone to multi-stone stunners, and use only the finest diamonds available.


Some of their newest styles feature halo and double-halo settings, where the center diamond is surrounded by a circle or two of smaller stones. Gabriel & Co. also showcases large round and oval stones with smaller diamonds set into the band. Some of the styles reflect vintage designs, while others are more modern. For an update on a classic look, Gabriel & Co. features a full line of solitaire diamonds in a solid or decorative bands.   


When it comes to metals, some consumers are following trends to yellow gold or rose gold, while other brides are still loyal to white gold and platinum. Many of Gabriel & Co.’s most popular designs are available in all of these metals. For an unusual twist, some of their rings integrate two different golds in the same ring, including a rose gold halo on a white gold band.


And you don’t have to stop with diamonds. Gabriel & Co. expertly integrates precious stones into some of its rings, such as this diamond and sapphire stunner.


Gorgeous Wedding Bands


If you’re lucky enough to receive a Gabriel & Co. engagement ring, there’s no better compliment than one of its wedding bands. These gorgeous bands are also just as beautiful with other rings or on their own. They make the gift of a lifetime and represent an investment in your future.


Just like with Gabriel & Co.’s extensive line of engagement rings, with wedding bands, there is a wide array of styles, from a simple, solid gold band to a sparkling band with diamonds or gemstones interlaced with gold.  To create a chic set, they offer ring jackets, or ring enhancers, or curved bands designed to be worn together with an engagement ring.


In a nod to one of today’s hottest jewelry trends, Gabriel & Co. designs many of its bands to be worn together in a stacked set, creating a unique and distinctive look. Of course, nothing can compare to an eternity band with a full circle of diamonds or a mix of diamonds and precious gems. If you’re celebrating a marriage milestone, these bands also make a sentimental and memorable anniversary gift.


At Peter Franklin, our customer experience professionals can help you select the perfect Gabriel & Co. engagement band or wedding ring (or both!) for your style, budget and needs. We can’t wait to introduce our customers to this company’s high quality and peerless design. Visit one of our three NE Indiana locations in Angola, New Haven or Fort Wayne to experience the Gabriel & Co. difference for yourself.