Why Wear Just One Ring? Try Stackable Sets

August 24, 2020

Why Wear Just One Ring? Try Stackable Sets

Why wear one ring when you can show off a whole set? One of the latest trends in jewelry is stackable rings, where you wear multiple rings on the same finger. By mixing and matching, you can create a unique look and enjoy your jewelry in a fresh way. 


Creating your stackable set takes a little trial and error. The good thing is that there are no rules. You can purchase a pre-selected set or mix new rings with existing pieces. Stacks can be as small as two rings or as big as you can fit on your finger. You can wear multiple rings on any finger you’d like, and even sport two stacks on the same hand.


Browse your jewelry box 

To get started with mixable rings, take an inventory of your current rings. Experiment wearing a few together and take a look. To get a different perspective, take a picture of your hand. If you have yellow gold and silver rings, go ahead and put them together. White gold and rose gold look great next to each other. Mix valuable gold or gemstone rings with less expensive silver bands. You can experiment mixing rings with large stones, including an engagement ring or cocktail ring, alongside solid and gemstone bands. There are no rules, so pull out all the possibilities and give them a try.


Look for inspiration

Stackable rings are popular because they’re a way to express your style and creativity without committing to a single item or one look. When you’re ready to add new bands to your stacking collection, look for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest, and in magazines. If you love a particular gemstone, like rubies or sapphires, look for bands that incorporate those stones. Ask friends to send pictures of their ring stacks, and browse jewelry store displays and websites (including Peter Franklin!).  


Creating a custom stack 

At Peter Franklin, we think stackable rings are a way to express your creativity and experiment with styles. Our customer experience professionals can help you build your unique stack by combining your existing pieces with our carefully-selected, high-quality rings.


We can help you design your custom jewelry stack. That could include a diamond eternity band, solid bands of varying thickness, and thin bands with gemstones laid into the metal. For a personal and sentimental touch, you could select bands with the birthstones of your children and loved ones, or build a stack with your favorite colored stones. 


If you have an idea for a one-of-a-kind stackable set, or metals and stones you’d like to build into a set, our custom jewelers can work with you to create the set of your dreams. The possibilities really are endless.


Practice patience

 We love when our customers walk out of the store wearing their new jewelry. If you’d like to purchase a stackable set all at once, we can help create an original and gorgeous group of rings. But your stackable experience doesn’t have to end there.  Over time, you can add more rings, and swap out items depending on the day or occasion. Come back anytime and we can help you select new rings.


When you’re ready to create your stackable collection, visit one of our three Northeast Indiana locations in Angola, New Haven and Fort Wayne. Our customer experience professionals can help you identify your signature look and select mixable rings that best reflect your style and personality.