If you could create jewelry – anything at all – what would you make?

Chances are, you don’t have the skills and experience to design your own beautiful fine jewelry. But you don’t need them. All you need are dreams and ideas. We’ll take it from there.

It Starts With Your Ideas

Custom jewelry is one of our specialties, and we offer custom jewelry services at each of our stores. Our master jewelers can modify an existing piece of jewelry, restore a treasured heirloom, set new stones into an existing mounting, or design a completely unique piece from scratch. However it’s created, your piece will be one of a kind.

Then It Takes Shape

We’ll take your ideas and dreams and develop a design on our CAD system. We’ll incorporate your favorite gemstones, type of setting, and other design elements. We’ll also decide on a metal based on your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget. Then we get to work doing what we love to create something you’ll love. We’re one of the few jewelers in the entire state of Indiana that does our own platinum casting. Plus, we have a growing machine for making molds and four in-house axis mills – we’re definitely not your run-of-the-mill chain jewelry store!

We Bring It To Life

Next, you’ll see a model of your finished piece. This model will be used to cast your final design, so we’ll want to make sure you’re thrilled about every aspect.

And We Make It Shine

As soon as you give us your approval, we’ll cast your design, sand and polish the metal, and set the stones. Then comes our favorite part of the process – presenting you with the custom piece of jewelry you’ve dreamed about!


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