Why Exclusive Custom Jewelry Says More Than A Thousand Words About You

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Why Exclusive Custom Jewelry Says More Than A Thousand Words About You

Custom jewelry can encapsulate your best memories and feelings. It can be a surprise which marks an important date, the initials of someone you love, or even a design that speaks to you. Customizing jewelry makes your memories doubly unique and forever immortalized.

Custom-made jewelry reinforces the importance of having, in any look, an exclusive detail. What’s more, it expresses the personality and tastes of the person wearing them, wherever they go.

Whether you’re looking to add a twist to your wardrobe or surprise someone you love with a gift only they’ll always have, we’ll show you how to navigate custom jewelry design and put your touch on jewelry pieces.


Why is custom jewelry important

Jewelry has the power of making our personality show, and when designed especially for the person we love and care about, it adds a special connecting touch to the surprise.  
Modern men and women look for practicality and unique concepts in their styles, and it can be truly empowering to craft something from beginning to end.
When you decide how a jewelry piece will come to life, you use your imagination, favorite metals, gemstones, and inspiring ideas. There’s something much more rewarding in this process.  

How to get custom jewelry made?

You can have an exclusive customized jewelry piece in four easy steps!

We talk about your ideas, inspiration, and take note of the metals and precious stones you’d like to have in your custom piece.  At this stage, the smallest details are important. We want to know what reflects your individuality (or that of your partner).
Our designer draws a mock-up sketch detailing the fine elements of your jewelry piece.

This is where it gets special with Peter Franking—we offer platinum casting modeling (which isn’t commonly found in Indiana). This three-dimensional model will help you visualize your jewelry piece from all angles before we craft it.
Now we see all the planning, skills, and artistry bring your jewelry piece to life. Then, it goes through severe quality control testing and voilà, your custom piece is ready!

Where can I design my own jewelry?

If step 1 has made you wonder what you could get done, remember the options are endless, and you can let your imagination fly!

I want to customize something for myself

Look at what the celebrities whose style you admire the most wear. Then, consider all of the shades and styles you wear the most (trendy, boho, minimalist, all together!).
Choose something you wear all the time. For example, if you never leave the house without earrings, custom design gold jewelry such as a new pair of dangle earrings will instantly connect to your style. 

You can be the owner of stylish jewelry tailored especially for you, based on what you like.


I want to customize something for a friend, partner, or family member

Customized jewelry gifts are very thoughtful. They’re a surprise to the person you love, which they’ll never get from anyone else. 
Our tip here is to pay close attention to what they like to wear and then pick out the metal, gemstones, and design based on that.
Always respect the style of the person you are surprising, and for a personalized touch, add engravings with their name, their favorite song, or something that really shows you care about them.


Customized Engagement rings

Congratulations! You’ve found someone, and now you want a gift as unique as they are!
The process of crafting an engagement ring will follow the four steps we described above, but there are more details to step 1. So, take a look at how many combinations you can make:
  • Choose the setting (halo, solitaire, three-stone, bypass, etc.)
  • Choose the center stone quality (clarity, color, and carat).
  • Choose the cut (emerald, cushion, oval, round, princess, pear, etc.)
  • Choose any other accents to the shank of the ring.
  • Choose details such as a gallery or scrolls and carved designs.
  • Choose the metal shade (rose, white, or yellow gold).
With such a personalized approach, we’re sure your sweetheart will go a little weak in  the knees! The beauty of a customized engagement ring is that it really will reflect how much you love your partner, and no one else in the world will have the same piece!

Jewelry Redesign

If you have a forgotten piece of jewelry in your jewelry box, you can transform it into a brand-new piece no one else will have!
Maybe you have a meaningful jewelry piece, such as a family heirloom, or even a gift that doesn’t match your style? Redesigning maintains the sentimental value you feel toward that person, but lets you wear a piece of jewelry that you actually love.
Possibilities are endless. You can make earrings out of heirloom rings, replace stones for a pop of color, make rings out of earrings, and vice versa. Bring new life to old jewelry! You’ll love it! 

Custom Design in Indiana

Every new day, artisans are working in the heart of Peter Franklin, where an expert group of artisans gathers in our atelier to bring jewelry pieces to life. 
With a blend of savoir-faire and innovation, our pace flows in a pulsing rhythm, embellishing, engraving, and creating jewelry. Our passion is crafting precious pieces exactly as you envision them.
To get an idea of what is possible, you can take a look at our portfolio featuring custom jewelry here. If you have questions, use the message box in the corner of our website, and we’ll get back to you in no time. If you prefer, visit one of our stores in Fort Wayne, New Haven, or Angola, IN. 

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