Everyone enjoys creating special and unique memories. At Peter Franklin Jewelers, we pride ourselves on knowing that the service you receive from our staff  is 100% tailored to you and for you. When you visit Peter Franklin Jewelers, our friendly consultants will listen to your needs, and ensure that your jewelry purchase is a positive and memorable experience. From establishing a budget to finding the very best jewelry, your experience is guaranteed to be the best. And without question, you will leave with the very best jewelry!

Maybe it’s just something we say to ourselves as a reminder of where our focus should be, but when you walk through our doors, you will know that you really are “the unique difference.”


Our mission is to be the benchmark jeweler for quality, selection, and value as well as to be an icon for honesty, integrity, and guest service in our chosen markets.


Peter Franklin Jewelers has experienced growth and success in northern Indiana for nearly 30 years. Our staff has increased from the three founders to a team of 30 members. Our commitment continues to be focused on providing high quality jewelry and customer service, one guest at a time.


During the process of repairing and creating jewelry for other businesses, we realized that we could offer a truly superior quality product at a better price. Hence, Peter Franklin Jewelers was established in 1988. Twenty-five years and three stores later, we still pride ourselves on our full-service commitment to quality. We still manufacture our own jewelry pieces and are exclusive partners with some of the best manufacturers in the business. We would like to extend an invitation to you to experience the Peter Franklin Jewelers difference.




THE PETER FRANKLIN ASSURANCE – At Peter Franklin Jewelers, your purchase is 100% Guaranteed. Each purchase includes a one-year renewable warranty and a 60-day, no-questions-asked return policy.
A little bit about “Guarantees” and “Warranties”
“Guarantee” and “Warranty” are two words that are frequently thrown around in the jewelry bizz.  What about assurance? After your “guarantee” and “warranty” are you really “assured?” Do you have a feeling of comfort and satisfaction after-the-purchase?
Let us explain…

THE GUARANTEE – Anyone can say they “guarantee” their work and product. And, for the most part, Jewelry merchants do “guarantee” their work from fault through normal use. But a hard fact is that if your jewelry does fail for some reason, it may take weeks to fix the problem. At PFJ we have a team of on-site, expert jewelry craftsmen that can resolve your problem without delay. Not all Jewelers are equal on guarantee ‘follow through’.

THE WARRANTY – All we can say is look closely at your warranty. PFJ offers a one-year renewable warranty. It’s true, other places offer  longer warranties. Some offer five-year or even ten-year warranties with, of course, an extra charge.  The assurance is worth it, right? The dirty little secret of long-term “extended” warranties is that you’re required to submit your jewelry to regular inspections. And if you miss one, the extended warranty that you just purchased now becomes invalid.  These warranties have a planned obsolescence, and many jewelry stores count on that.

 So a “renewable”, Peter Franklin warranty just makes a little more sense.