Powerful And Creative Gifts To Melt Your Mother's Heart This May

Peter Franklin - Mother's Day

Powerful And Creative Gifts To Melt Your Mother's Heart This May

A meaningful gift to make her day extra special

Mothers have a magical healing kiss. Later in life, they have the ability to set you straight with one look. Some mothers have the power to find anything you can’t. Think back, there were many times you were sure she had eyes in the back of her head. And there's something magical about her hugs that makes everything better.

Mothers have many part-time jobs—they work as miracle workers, superheroes, cheerleaders, doctors,  teachers. Other jobs are full-time.  They’re  always beautiful, always have time for us, always know what to say, and love you no matter what.

Let's explore  Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas that say "thank you" in the most special way possible.

Mother`s day gift

Pick rare gifts to reward a heart of gold

As Mother's Day approaches, we all wonder how to pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift to suit her unique style and show all our love and appreciation. Never fear! We got you covered with some of the most beautiful gift ideas.
Ultimately, you want a gift that stands out. Jewelry is one of the most iconic items you can find to represent gratitude. Jewelry pieces are long-lasting, full of family sentiments and meaning. These are gifts to be remembered years after they are given.
It’s amazing   how moms make things happen and still look beautiful.  She’ll appreciate  jewelry pieces that are gorgeous and easy to wear.

earrings gift

Mom makes little moments wonderful, get her a gorgeous pair of earrings

Earrings are jewelry pieces every woman loves. Diamond studs, for example, are ultra-feminine, delicate, and work as a staple item in any jewelry collection. Earrings can feature single precious stones or small diamond clusters that highlight a woman’s best features beautifully. Alternatively, they can be drops or hoops which create a bright sparkling effect. 

Gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings, in turn, can be picked according to your mother's birthstone (such as rubies and sapphires) or even her favorite color. This is a great option of a gift that she’ll easily identify with.
For a truly unforgettable Mother's Day, we recommend women's diamond ear threaders. She’ll not even need the earring backs since this style is cleverly designed for simplicity, while still creating a stunning effect.

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heart-shaped jewelry

She is selfless and caring, indulge your mother with heart-shaped jewelry

Few things say "I love you" more than a heart. With heart-shaped jewelry, your mother will beam with delight  and feel appreciated.
Women love the extra sparkle. Take advantage of beautiful heart-shaped earrings, bracelets, and pendants shimmering with diamonds; they  make the perfect gift. 

Another advantage of hearts is that they are always trendy. You’ll be presenting her with a unique-looking piece which is timeless and  meaningful. 

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necklaces with a pendant

Mom is strong and generous, surprise her with a necklace

Necklaces enhance the eyes, smile, and neckline with extra sparkle. They are versatile and range from simple chains in gleaming precious metals to fancier styles covered in diamonds or other gemstones.
Whether your mother likes pearls, crosses, gemstones, or halo necklaces, this will be a thoughtful gift she will never forget.
Pick necklaces embellished with a pendant to symbolize the importance of the mother figure and family values. This is a very personal gift with great emotional significance.

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Diamond bracelet

Your mom is always there for you, show all your love with a bracelet

Bracelets are a must-have for any woman who loves fine jewelry. You have many exciting choices. Tennis bracelets, for example, are always classic, and diamonds make them even better.
Your mother will be over the moon with a new sparkly bangle bracelet she can easily combine with other pieces. Alternatively, station bracelets feature a unique and delicate design which boosts the elegance of every outfit she chooses.
When an occasion is as special  as Mother's Day, bracelets are a thoughtful gift that carry  sentimental value.

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Romantic gift

Your mother is one-of-a-kind, customize a jewelry piece for her

Few gifts are more heart-warming than something customized. When you opt to surprise your mother with custom jewelry, all things become possible.
You can incorporate her favorite metal shade, take inspiration from the jewelry she wears, or even browse images she's liked on her social media account. 

Designing pieces with her name or a design she adores will make a customized piece of jewelry even more unique-looking. Create a gift full of personality and creativity no other mother in the world will have. 

Customizing jewelry only takes four easy and stress-free steps. Peter Franklin's team includes seven in-house goldsmiths whose specialty is bringing your ideas to life!

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Mother's Day jewelry gifts in Allen County, Indiana

If you are in northeastern Indiana, Peter Franklin is your destination to shop amazing Mother's Day gifts. 

When you shop at Peter Franklin, you benefit from a rich selection of gifts for Mother's Day. Our jewelry connoisseurs have chosen exclusive pieces to give you plenty of ideas for a truly unique gift!
Surprise your mother with esteemed designers and make her day unforgettable! 

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