How These Super Stylish Pendant Necklaces Can Boost Your Looks Right Now


The more a woman wears a necklace, the more memories it holds, and its significance only grows over time. No matter how you like to wear jewelry, we see your uniqueness and know you enjoy finding pieces that fit your personality to perfection.
Whether you love to show off lucky pieces you never take off, or you like jewelry that says, "this is who I am," there's a pendant necklace idea for you here!


Heart pendant

Pendant necklaces should enhance your style

Our editors have curated a list of beautiful pendant necklaces based on fashion shows, the street looks that are all the rage on Instagram, and what our customers request the most!
Whether you're an aspiring young businesswoman or a fashion guru looking for a closet twist, these pendant necklaces will help you boost any look and amplify the characteristics which make you unique! 

Station necklaces

Modern Casual

You have an eclectic sense of style—you like to dress differently depending on how you feel. For you, the "fun" in fashion comes from being able to play with accessories to portray the "mood" of the moment.
You can use accessories more than any other item to add life to your overall looks. Yet, if you don't have perfect necklaces in your jewelry box, it's time to invest in fabulous new pieces to make you look effortlessly stylish.
Station necklaces are the precious allies you need! You’re the queen of mixing basic pieces with stylish ones, so you'll love to enhance your wardrobe with these necklaces' comfortable and versatile design.
They can be minimal or showy depending on what you pair with them. So don't worry. There are plenty of style options to choose from.

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Halo diamond necklace


You're a true fashionista. Your style arsenal is meticulously picked out so that you always look picture-perfect! You’re a proud glam-diva!
You love reading fashion blogs, your Instagram reflects your style, and your friends always call you asking for advice on what to wear to important occasions.
Halo diamond necklaces have all the sparkle and radiance you love. In addition, the colorless beauty of the centerpiece diamond allows you to mix it with endless accessories without being too much.

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Heart necklaces


Airy outfits are your favorites. You love skirts, ponytails, and flowery patterns. And your friends describe you as feminine, delicate, and warm. You'd steal Taylor Swift's wardrobe if you could, and you can't resist a cardigan. Your style is cool-romantic!
Heart necklaceshave your name in them. It isn’t hard to see why this shape has come to stay, and you'll be over the moon with how sweet and adorable they can make your outfits look!
Every romantic is ready to make a statement with their clothing, and the whimsical and perfect nature of heart-shaped pendants not only delivers but is also fun and exciting.

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Pearl pendants


Business wardrobes appeal a lot to you, you love everything Kate Middleton wears, and your closet organization would make Marie Kondo proud. Your style is the pragmatic classic!
You enjoy jewelry pieces labeled neutral, leaving the stoplight for your clothing and large accessories (purses, sunglasses, hats, and scarves) without letting go of a chic magnetism that adds length to your figure.
Pearl pendants are the magic touch you crave to create classic and bold combinations which inspire confidence in a direct manner that's still feminine.

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Gemstone pendants


You aren’t afraid of showing who you are, and you embrace everything life throws at you with open arms and an imaginative solution.
You love colors, mismatched concepts, and anything that looks like it's just jumped off a Jackson Pollock painting catches your eyes instantly. Your style is bold-creative!  
Gemstone pendants are the perfect necklace to complement your style! From layering to playing with opposite colors (yellow-purple, green-magenta, blue-orange, etc.), you'll love the endless combinations you can create with them.

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You love asymmetry and edgy accessories. You emanate an aura of confidence, and challenge is your middle name. Not only that, you keep an eye on the latest trends but only embrace the ones which enhance your well-defined style.
Congrats! Your style is urban-dramatic. Long necklaces showcasing intricate pendants are the ones for you. The more the shapes in the pendant overlap with intricate designs, the more you'll have a chance to wear it.

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Y necklace


You have a capsule wardrobe featuring key timeless pieces. Even though you adhere to the philosophy of "less is more," you know the value in each jewelry piece you acquire, and you wear each one to accomplish the desired effect!
If you enjoy sharp lines and designs which offer a lasting effect, then a lariat necklace (or Y necklace) is as vanguard as you can get.
Y necklaces are  minimal and have conquered their place decades ago. You'll love the assertive mood you can create with them, and, of course, the neat sheer lines minimalists adore will never go unnoticed!

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