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Together At Last: Propose With A Unique Engagement Ring

Finding a great engagement ring for the person who matters the most to us can be a little challenging. You always want a ring to pack a punch while still looking as striking as it can get and a perfect match to your partner’s style.

Asking someone to be yours forever is a big step. We know planning a proposal makes many people have butterflies in their stomachs. But don’t worry! You’re in the right place!

This is an easy and stress-free guide with details to help you navigate the world of engagement rings. But, before getting into the most popular engagement ring styles, let’s talk about the origin and meaning of engagement rings!

Engagement rings origin

The origin of engagement rings

Although early archeologists mark the existence of rings during Egyptian times, engagement rings as we know it date back to the Roman Empire. Men offered their fiancées a gold ring to wear during an engagement ceremony and an iron ring to wear at home.
Some say it was Maximilian of Austria (who later became a Roman Emperor) who first proposed with an engagement ring, offering it to the Duchess of Burgundy in 1477.
The symbolism of engagement rings wasn’t so much about love as it was about a legal agreement, and we’ve come a long way from the original tale with proposal stories that make us smile or reach for a tissue.
Now, nearly 80% of future American brides receive a diamond engagement ring with proposals to make them feel much more cherished than any princess of the past.

Engagement propose

Why propose with an engagement ring?

A long-awaited marriage proposal is a crucial moment in the story of each couple. It’s planned and prepared in detail to remain splendid and unforgettable.

Engagement rings are the tokens which bring it all together as the utmost symbol of love. The ring’s shape represents eternity because it immortalizes the moment in the hearts of soulmates.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Bring forth your inner James Bond and do a little investigation into your beloved’s tastes and preferences.
While all engagement rings carry strong symbolism, the detail and  representation of love in each style resonate
with how the two of you see love. Here’s a list of unique engagement ring styles for women:

Why choose this style

In this style, a gorgeous halo of smaller diamonds surrounds the center stone.
The overall effect is stunning and always gives the impression
of a larger ring.

It’s no wonder the solitaire is the most popular engagement ring style.
The design is elegant and highlights the centerpiece
in beautiful details.

This style features three stones which represent the past, present, and future of your love.
The best part is that you get to pick out three equal diamonds or two different
diamond cuts to flank the centerpiece.

Free-form rings have no set structure or shape. Creative brides love them! Some examples
of free-form engagement rings include pieces featuring center stones other than diamonds,
vintage, or Art-Deco inspired designs.

This is a lovely take on classic designs where the band is cleaved
into two sections, allowing for a peek of the finger, and giving
the illusion of a bigger ring.

As the name says, twisted engagement rings showcase intertwined patterns
along the band. This is a modern and exciting design that can
come accented with diamonds or not.
Remember, the most important aspect should never be fashion trends, but
picking out a style which makes her sigh and smile every time she looks at it!

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What metal should an engagement ring be?

Engagement ring rose gold

Rose gold

Rose gold provides a different look to engagement rings, even a more romantic one. While rose gold engagement rings may seem unconventional, your loved-one can still wear them every day and make incredible combinations with other jewelry accessories.

Engagement ring white gold

White gold

Most white gold engagement rings are considered minimalist, but they have something to say, too. In fact, most colored stones look great on white gold, and this metal shade enhances diamond engagement rings considerably.

Engagement ring yellow gold

Yellow gold

Yellow gold gives that unexpected delight to casual looks and works beautifully when mixed with the delicate details in engagement rings.  Creating an edgy-yet-elegant look with yellow gold is always fun and interesting.

Engagement ring two tone


Are you undecided between two metal shades? Consider a two-tone engagement ring and get the best of both worlds.  Your soon-to-be fiancé will love how much she can use a two-tone ring to anchor her fashion looks.

Are you ready to choose?

Now you have all the information to decide on the perfect engagement ring! Our goal is to make sure she won’t wish to change a single detail in the proposal when she sees the ring you picked out for her!
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We’re proud to be a part of your love story, and we’d love to help you find a gorgeous engagement ring! Share your girlfriend’s style and preferences with us, and we’ll ensure that you make a confident purchase.

It all starts with us! We always hope you have the most magical proposal of all time! Peter Franklin offers incredible engagement ring selections in Fort Wayne, Angola, and New Haven, IN. Come see us for expert guidance.